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AI Demo
Palm and Sign Recognition

The following demo introduces palm detection and sign recognition with deep learning. 

1. Palm detection is to find the palm in an image
Palm detection and hand skeleton model: mediapipe

2. Sign recognition is to identify the sign shown by your
Sign classification model: 3-layer Dense Neural Network
Classes: Unknown (not labeled on image) / Metal / Peace / Stop / OK
Source: Github


1. The demo can be started by accepting the Adatkezelési Tájékoztató/Privacy Policy below. 
After click on button „OK!„, your browser will ask for permission to use your camera.

2. Press button „Take Photo” which will take a photo of yourself with your webcam, which can be seen on 2nd picture.
Please make sure your hand is in the picture! 

3. After pushing the button „Process image„, then AI will detect your palm and hand and then tries to figure out the sign : OK, Stop, Metal, Peace.

Elolvastam és elfogadom az Adatkezelési Tájékoztatót!
I have read and accept the Privacy Policy!