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What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence gives answers to questions that we could not even raise without AI. 

The co-workers of your company will need merely two hours to understand what AI is, what positive impact it may have on the company and also to get inspiration for using AI.

Course description:
Each member of an AI-ready organisation or enterprise understands AI technology and its significance in business. Accordingly, our aim is to provide an overview of the world of AI from technology basics to business opportunities and to highlight a couple of case studies and practical examples. This introductory course consisting of lectures, interactive discussions (Q&A sessions) and practical demos will give the necessary foundations of AI to everyone.

Course content:

  • Definition of AI and its relationship with earlier technologies
  • The importance of data
  • Machine learning
  • Business impact and use cases

Target audience: Any employee of the company including those who will not need deeper knowledge that could be gained subsequent courses.

Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: basic level

Prerequisite: Anyone can participate in the training. Its successful completion does not require IT, mathematics or other prior knowledge.

Language: English or Hungarian

Course delivery: classroom-based, online or recorded video streaming

Key takeaways: After completing the course participants will understand the concepts of machine learning, the operation basics of machine learning systems, application cases and its technology limitations.

Highlighted projects

Magyar Telekom (Hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom)

Basic and expert-level AI training courses
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BGE Budapesti Business School

As guest lecturer, we hold business oriented AI training for universitiy students within the framework of "Program Your Future"
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MVM Hungarian Electricity Works

AI training course for middle and top management
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