Neuron Solutions


AI Launchpad

AI Launchpad is a holistic service designed to guide enterprises in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. It offers a clear roadmap for understanding AI, identifying valuable use cases and actually implementing these AI use cases for supporting the operations of the enterprise. Our approach focuses on seamless integration, rigorous testing, and evaluation to drive operational excellence and significant business value.

AI Exploratory LABS

AI Exploratory Labs offers the development of custom AI solutions, harnessing our team’s extensive expertise and unique strengths in specific AI niches to push the boundaries of machine learning. We seek to collaborate with entities that have a robust digital infrastructure and a clear vision for AI, focusing on forming strategic partnerships with organizations poised to integrate cutting-edge AI into their operations.

AI Training Academy

AI Training Academy is our tiered AI training program, designed to cater to everyone from beginners to advanced learners. Our courses range from one-day introductory sessions to intensive multiple-week bootcamps, focusing on practical applications of AI and ML in various roles and industries. With a special emphasis on Generative AI and Large Language Models, and function-specific courses for departments like Marketing and HR, our program is hands-on, flexible, and led by experienced AI experts. A tréningekre van részletesebb leírás is, külön oldalon ez innen legyen elérhető.

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