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Artificial intelligence in business practice

To predict the future is not magic, but artificial intelligence.

A few days is enough for your staff to build AI knowledge beyond the basics for identifying AI-related business opportunities, assessing their feasibility of implementation and prioritising these application ideas as well as starting up and managing the related implementation projects.

Course description:
We recommend our business AI training course to enterprises or other organisations which intend to add competitive advantage or improve their internal operations by applying AI. The purpose of the course is to make sure that the our clients can manage AI projects and that they can apply AI company-wide successfully by training the company’s management, strategy function, IT support  (e.g. IT infrastructure or project management) or other non-technology organisational units (e.g. HR, finance). The one-day introduction is followed by a 2-day specialisation, giving both theoretical knowledge and practical skills which participants can start using immediately.

Course contents:

  • Basics of AI
  • Business impact and most important application areas (technology and usage)
  • Use cases and their implementations
  • Planning and executing projects

Target audience: Top management, middle management, project managers, business analysts, product developers, specialists. 

Duration: 3 days

Difficulty: intermediate level

Prerequisite: Project experience, the knowledge of agile / scrum project methodologies, the openness to innovative thinking as well as mathematics and statistics background knowledge will help understand the course content.

Language: English or Hungarian

Course delivery: classroom-based or online, partly recorded video streaming

Key takeaways: After completing the course participants will have detailed knowledge on the structure, operations and application of machine learning systems including neural nets. They will also have a deep understanding of the possible business impacts of AI including successful business cases as measured by financial KPIs. They will be able to identify use cases for their own business area and judge whether AI can and should be used for a given task or problem. In addition, they will know the requirements of applying AI in the enterprise and will be able to plan projects.

Our experience shows that training courses deliver the highest business value if associated with follow-up consultation. This activity will serve to identify AI application areas or problems to be solved with the help of AI in the client’s enterprise. We can also use this occasion to discuss questions in connection with AI application areas.

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Magyar Telekom (Hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom)

Basic and expert-level AI training courses
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BGE Budapesti Business School

As guest lecturer, we hold business oriented AI training for universitiy students within the framework of "Program Your Future"
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MVM Hungarian Electricity Works

AI training course for middle and top management
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