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Artificial intelligence Bootcamp

Artificial intelligence is driving the new industrial revolution.

With minimised time out of work your staff will develop AI expertise to build AI solutions with moderate complexity themselves and understand more complex AI systems built by 3rd-parties.

Course description:
The 10-day AI bootcamp offers in-depth expertise on the theory and implementation of machine learning via practical examples and exercises to be solved during the course for IT experts and for those who have got at least basic computer programming skills. Big advantage of this bootcamp type high-intensity training is that it efficiently gives practical knowledge to participants within a very short time.

Course content:

  • Classical data science and machine learning (4 days)
  • Fundamentals of deep learning (3 days)
  • Applied deep learning (3 days)

Data science tools used in the training:

  • Colaboratory – Jupyter environment
  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras

Target audience: Statisticians, data analysts, senior product developers, IT experts

Duration: 10 days

Difficulty: advanced level

Prerequisite: Basic programming skills and IT knowledge is necessary. The understanding of mathematics, quantitative analysis and statistics will also be helpful.

Language: English or Hungarian

Course delivery: classroom-based or online

Key takeaways: Participants will be able to build and train machine learning models, apply this technology for building AI solutions to address business or technology related tasks in their enterprise and set up projects for building such solutions. They will be able to manage or co-operate with internal or external AI experts (data scientists) or expert companies building AI solutions for their enterprise.

We can accomodate the course content, the practical examples and exercises to the client’s industry and strategic requirements. In addition we can optionally guide the participants through a „mini project” (Proof-of-Concept) using the client’s own data-set and addressing his own business task for which we will give support to preparing the necessary data and the infrastructure.

Highlighted projects

Magyar Telekom (Hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom)

Basic and expert-level AI training courses
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BGE Budapesti Business School

As guest lecturer, we hold business oriented AI training for universitiy students within the framework of "Program Your Future"
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MVM Hungarian Electricity Works

AI training course for middle and top management
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