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AI Demo

The following demo introduces gender and voice sentiment recognition with deep learning.

Voice classification model: CNN + CNN
Classes: female / male
Classes: angry / disgusted / frightened / happy / neutral / sad / surprised
Source: Github


1. The demo can be started by accepting the Adatkezelési Tájékoztató/Privacy Policy below. 
After click on button “OK!“, your browser will ask for permission to use your microphone.

2. Press button “Record” which will record a maximum 4 seconds long speech of yours.
Make sure you use simple sentences.

3. Press button “Predict“. then AI will try to figure out your gender(male/female) and voice sentiment: angry, disgusted, frightened, happy,  neutral, sad or surprised.

Elolvastam és elfogadom az Adatkezelési Tájékoztatót!
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