Neuron Solutions

AI Training Academy

Time for your team to meet their new colleague? We make sure to introduce them to AI technology and teach them the exact skills they will need for human-machine collaboration based on their roles, needs and experiences. Our tried-and-tested, tiered artificial intelligence training program for businesses caters to those who want to:


Join our short introductory course (half day or one day) to learn the basics of AI, including how it works and how it transforms the way we live and work.


This 3-day course gives you insight into how AI is or could be deployed in your organization and your role in making the most of it.


Our 10-21-day bootcamp-style courses take you on a deep dive into how to build, run and improve AI and ML solutions to tackle specific business needs.

Our comprehensive training program covers three integral aspects of AI adoption and implementation to fully support your organization’s AI journey:

Executive AI Insight Sessions: Specialized courses for top management to grasp AI’s strategic implications and leverage it for competitive advantage.

Generative AI and LLM Focus: Across all levels—Explore, Apply, Create—we emphasize the potential and application of Generative AI and Large Language Models. While integrated into all levels of our general AI courses—Explore, Apply, Create—we also offer dedicated training on Generative AI and Large Language Models at each level, catering to specialized interests and applications.

Function-Specific Courses: Tailored training for departments like Marketing, HR, and more, focusing on practical AI applications in specific corporate functions.

All courses are:

Equip your leaders or your team with AI skills today.

Discover how Generative AI can transform your business.