About us

Neuron Solutions was born out of our fascination with AI advancement and a century’s worth of combined experience in harnessing it for the good of business and society.

We’ve brought together a team of 15 experts with knowledge of technology, data science, business administration, and even philosophy, who’ve helped businesses, big and small, translate data science into ROI in a number of industries, such as healthcare, media, manufacturing, energy, banking and telecommunications space.

Our team

Kovács Gyula
Managing Director

Gyula Kovács

Ottó Werschitz
Strategy and Business Development

Ottó Werschitz

Szabados Levente
Scientific Advisor

Levente Szabados

AI and ICT Expert

Zoltán Laki

Tóth Miklós
Lead Machine Learning Developer

Miklós Tóth

Szabó Gergő
Machine Learning Engineer

Gergő Szabó

Machine Learning Engineer

Adrián Bella

Machine Learning Engineer

Ádám Franyó

Zsófia Gyarmathy
Data Scientist

Zsófia Gyarmathy

ML developer

Fruzsina Kulcsár

AI Business Strategist

Robin Nagy

NLP Developer and Researcher

András Simonyi

health care AI expert

Nóra Szalóczy

AI Advisor

Andrei Damsa

ML developer

Balázs Bódi


Noémi Vorák

Our partners

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