Neuron Solutions

AI is no longer a black box. AI success shouldn’t be either.

A team of strategists, researchers and developers, we help you understand not only what AI does but what it can do for your business. Then turn AI ambitions into real-world applications and measurable results. Over and over again.




Pharmaceutical Company Richter’s data science team leader

“The systematic development of competencies during the joint project work with the expert of Neuron Solutions enables the team of Gedeon Richter Plc, after the implementation of the pilot project, to be able to start and execute AI development projects on its own or, if necessary, to select and apply supplier AI systems.”

Innovation manager of Hungarian Electricity Works MVM

“Neuron Solutions talked about the basics of this technology and possible benefits of its use in business through several use cases which included success stories in the electricity and energy industries. Following the training session, they gave advices to two MVM organisational units on how their operations can be improved by introducing AI-based enterprise applications. The training with 50 participants was successfully completed with a lot of positive feedback afterwards.”


Knorr Bremse’s R&D director

“The implementation and effectiveness of the project demonstrated very well that the application of AI is no longer just the prerogative of high-budget research institutes: in a short time, using reasonable resources, engineering tools can be created to speed up and facilitate engineering work in almost any company.”